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To ensure board diversity, TOC's mission is to expand the pool of people of color to serve on Delaware's nonprofit boards through recruitment, training and support to boards and candidates.

The Need

Delaware's growing number of highly qualified professional people of color remains underutilized by nonprofit boards, while the boards seek to increase their diversity.  Historically, there has not been a successful organized mechanism to connect accomplished candidates of color with these boards.

Nonprofits have indicated a need for assistance in recruiting and training candidates of color.  To fulfill this initiative, a sustainable process is required to identify these candidates, provide them with leadership training and connect them with nonprofit organizations seeking board diversity.  This effort must continue until representation on boards closely resembles the diverse population of society.


  • To expand the pool of available candidates for open board positions.

  • To prepare trustees for board service and ensure that nonprofits are fully inclusive through training, development and mentoring.

  • To attract younger people to charitable work and foster leadership development in Delaware.

  • To strengthen and empower nonprofit organizations with expanded multiracial leadership enabling them to better serve their communities.

  • To develop a network for people of color that facilitates open discussion and provides a stronger voice in addressing community needs.

  • To develop a model that can be replicated in other communities.

Our History

In 2003, a group of leaders of color met to identify new prospects of color and suggest recruitment strategies for placement on Delaware nonprofit boards.  They named the initiative Trustees of Color (TOC), and formed Planning and Advisory groups.

A 2005 survey of for-profit and nonprofit community leaders confirmed the need.  In 2007, a board diversity survey was sent to 700 nonprofits to ascertain their experiences and identify those who needed assistance in this area. The ninety respondents indicated a need for a program like TOC.

TOC's First Board Diversity Expo was held in April 2008 in New Castle County. Thirty-eight non profit organizations and 100+ people of color attended.

TOC has partnered with the University of Delaware, the Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement (DANA), United Way of Delaware (UWD), Food Bank of Delaware (FBD), Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League (MWUL), and the YWCA.

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